Highland Castings items 

Buildings:Station Buildings
Code TitleCost 
HCBK001Click for photoPortesham Station Building (GWR)£95.00
HCBK001A Portesham Station Building (GWR)£88.00
HCBK002Click for photoAbbotsbury Station Building (GWR)£100.00
HCBK002A Abbotsbury Station Building (GWR)£93.00
HCBK005Click for photoHighworth Station Building£67.00
HCBK006Click for photoStone Waiting Room without canopy£67.00
HCBK014Click for photoSmall station platform shelter£30.00
HCBK023Click for photoSmall Wooden Open-Fronted Waiting Room£13.00
HCBK024Click for photoWooden Halt with Platform and Waiting Room£33.00
HCBK025 Wooden Trestle Type Platform£20.00
HCBK026 Wooden Trestle Type Platform Extension Kit£8.00
HCBK030Click for photoTicket Collectors Box£8.00
HCBK048Click for photoBrick-built Station Building£87.00
HCBK052Click for photoBrick-built Station Building with Twin Gable Ends£115.00
HCBK053Click for photoBrick-built Centre Gable Station£105.00
HCBK054Click for photoBrick-built Waiting Room with Canopy£60.00
HCBK064Click for photoBlacksboat Station£100.00
HCBK065Click for photoNewspaper Kiosk£21.00
HCBK069Click for photoIsland Platform Canopy£58.00
HCBK070Click for photoIsland Platform Canopy Extension£24.00
HCBK071Click for photoSmall Island Platform Canopy£38.00
HCBK085Click for photoWest Bay Station Building (GWR)£87.00
HCBK003Click for photoAbbotsbury Goods Shed (GWR)£110.00
HCBK004Click for photoPortesham Goods Shed (GWR)£70.00
HCBK007Click for photoAbbotsbury Engine Shed (GWR)£110.00
HCBK008Click for photoAbbotsbury Water Tower (GWR)£50.00
HCBK010Click for photoPaisley Abercorn Signal Box (LMS/G&SW)£60.00
HCBK011Click for photoWooden Style Signal Box (LMS/HR)£60.00
HCBK012Click for photoPoppleton Signal Box (NE)£42.00
HCBK022Click for photoEngine Coaling Stage£30.00
HCBK028Click for photoGWR Signal Box£70.00
HCBK031Click for photoGoods Loading Stage£20.00
HCBK032Click for photoSignal Lever Hut£11.00
HCBK038Click for photoBrick-built Narrow Gauge Double Track Engine Shed£80.00
HCBK045Click for photoSingle Track Narrow Gauge Engine Shed£68.00
HCBK046Click for photoDouble Track Narrow Gauge Engine Shed£68.00
HCBK050Click for photoBrick-built Narrow Gauge Single Track Engine Shed£80.00
HCBK060Click for photoSmall GWR Signal Box with Stone Base£60.00
HCBK061Click for photoSmall GWR Signal Box with Brick Base£60.00
HCBK062Click for photoSmall GWR Signal Box for Platform Mounting£60.00
HCBK063Click for photoSmall GWR All Wooden Signal Box£60.00
HCBK074Click for photoBlacksboat Goods Shed (GNoSR)£110.00
HCBK077Click for photoStone Double Track Engine Shed£120.00
HCBK078 Extension Kit for Stone Double Track Engine Shed£80.00
HCBK013Click for photoVehicle Weighbridge Hut & Platform£33.00
HCBK013AClick for photoWeighbridge Office£27.00
HCBK015Click for photoWooden Style Coal Office with 3-bay Coal Staithes£35.00
HCBK015AClick for photoCoal Yard Office£20.00
HCBK016Click for photoCoal Yard with Staithes, Sacks and Scales£18.00
HCBK016AClick for photoSingle coal bunker£4.00
HCBK017Click for photoWooden Planked Lamp Hut£20.00
HCBK018Click for photoSleeper Built Permanent Way Hut£20.00
HCBK019Click for photoGangers Trolley Hut with Trackside Ramp£24.00
HCBK020Click for photoRailway Wagon Weighbridge Kit£33.00
HCBK020AClick for photoBrick Built Weighbridge Office£27.00
HCBK021Click for photoAnderson Air Raid Shelter£10.00
HCBK027Click for photoCorrugated Iron Permanent Way Hut£20.00
HCBK029Click for photoMilk Churn Stage£14.00
HCBK033Click for photoFogmans Hut£8.00
HCBK020B Vehicle Weighbridge Kit£33.00
HCBK013B Railway Wagon Weighbridge Hut & Platform£33.00
HCBK075Click for photoStone Weighbridge Office£40.00
HCBK075A Stone Vehicle Weighbridge£47.00
HCBK075B Stone Railway Wagon Weighbridge£47.00
HCBK034Click for photoRural Garage£75.00
HCBK035Click for photoWarehouse£75.00
HCBK039Click for photoBoiler House£75.00
HCBK040Click for photoBrick-built 4-piece factory Chimney£24.00
HCBK041Click for photoBrick-built 5-piece factory Chimney£27.00
HCBK042Click for photoBrick-built 3-piece factory Chimney£21.00
HCBK043Click for photoFoundry£75.00
HCBK044Click for photoFire Station£58.00
HCBK049Click for photoWarehouse£63.00
HCBK066Click for photoPair of Brick-built Terraced Houses£98.00
HCBK072Click for photoStone Field Barn£58.00
HCBK073Click for photoStone Built Corn Mill with Water Wheel£175.00
HCBK076Click for photoOutside Brick "Privvy"£15.00
HCBK079Click for photoRendered Cottage£65.00
HCBK080Click for photoRendered Terraced Cottages£90.00
HCBA041 Roof Truss and Rafters£13.00
HCBK009Click for photoGWR Water Tank£18.00
HCBA054Click for photoWater Tank Panels£3.75
HCBA055Click for photoWater Tank Panel£1.00
HCBK022AClick for photoCoal Pile and Walling£10.00
HCBA056 Garage Building Front Panel£9.50
HCBA057 Warehouse Building Front Panel£10.00
HCBA058 Foundry Front Wall (wall panel only)£10.00
HCBK059Click for photoLow Relief Roof - Module G£12.00
HCBA044 Roof Truss and Rafters£13.00
HCBK036Click for photoLow Relief Garage£50.00
HCBK037Click for photoLow Relief Warehouse£45.00
HCBK055Click for photoLow Relief Shops£96.00
HCBK056Click for photoLow Relief Village Shop£27.00
HCBK057 Low Relief Two Storey Shop£38.00
HCBK058aClick for photoAdditional Upper Storey - Module D£14.00
HCBK058bClick for photoAdditional Upper Storey - Module E£14.00
HCBK058cClick for photoAdditional Upper Storey - Module F£14.00
HCBK067Click for photoLow Relief Pair of Brick-built Terraced Houses£45.00
HCBK068Click for photoLow Relief Rear Pair Brick-built Terraced Houses£78.00
HCBK081Click for photoLow Relief Rendered Cottage (Front)£45.00
HCBK082Click for photoLow Relief Rendered Terraced Cottages (Front)£65.00
HCBK083Click for photoLow Relief Rendered Cottage (Rear)£45.00
HCBK084Click for photoLow Relief Rendered Terraced Cottages (Rear)£65.00

Platforms, Bridges & Walls:Platform Edging
Code TitleCost 
7B30Click for photoStone Platform Edging£22.00
7B31Click for photo9-inch Straight Stone Platform Edging Section£4.00
7B31X6 Six 9-inch Straight Stone Platform Edging Sections£22.00
7B32Click for photoSingle Track Bay Platform Edging£5.50
7B33 Double Track Bay Platform Edging£8.00
7B34Click for photoExternal Right Angle Corner Pieces£5.50
7B35Click for photoInternal Right Angle Corner Piece£3.00
7B36 External Right Angle Corner Piece£3.00
7B37Click for photoShort Straight Platform Section£3.00
7B30A Curved Stone Platform Edging£4.50
7B31L Left Hand Stone Platform Edging Ramp£4.00
7B31R Right Hand Stone Platform Edging Ramp£4.00
7B42Click for photoGirder Bridge Spans£34.95
HCBA059Click for photoBrick Wall with Capping£6.00
HCBA060Click for photoBrick Wall with Short Corner and Capping£6.50
HCBA061Click for photoBrick Wall Buttress with Capping£1.00

Scratch-building Supplies:Chimneys & Fireplaces
Code TitleCost 
HCG001Click for photoStone Chimney£2.75
HCG001A Stone Chimney£2.00
HCG002Click for photoStone Chimney£3.00
HCG002A Stone Chimney£2.20
HCG003Click for photoStone Chimney£3.00
HCG003A Stone Chimney£2.30
HCG004Click for photoStone Chimney Top£0.90
HCG005Click for photoFlat Stone Chimney Top£0.80
HCG006Click for photoFireplace & Stack£2.50
HCG007Click for photoFireplace & Stack£2.30
HCG008Click for photoDouble Chimney Top£1.00
HCG009Click for photoSingle Chimney Top£1.00
HCG010Click for photoSmall Chimney Stack£0.50
HCG011Click for photoChimney Stack£1.00
HCG012Click for photoChimney Top£0.90
HCG013Click for photoCorner Fireplace & Chimney£4.00
HCG014Click for photoChimney Top and Pot£1.30
HCG015 Double Chimney Top£0.90
HCG016Click for photoChimney Pot£0.70
HCG017Click for photoChimney Pot£0.70
HCG018Click for photoChimney Pot£0.70
HCG019Click for photoChimney Pot£0.70
HCG020Click for photoChimney Pot£0.90
HCG021 Fireplace£1.80
HCG022Click for photoDouble Chimney Stack£1.00
HCG030Click for photoChimney Top£1.00
HCG031 Round Stovepipe Chimney£1.00
HCG038Click for photoChimney Pot with Cowl£0.70
HCG039Click for photoCastellated Square Chimney Pot£0.70
HCG040Click for photoCastellated 6-Sided Chimney Pot£0.70
HCG024Click for photoHalf-round guttering£1.50
HCG025Click for photoHalf-round guttering - external corners£1.00
HCG025AClick for photoHalf-round gutter - internal corners£1.00
HCG026Click for photoSquare guttering£1.50
HCG027Click for photoSquare guttering - external corners£1.00
HCG027A Square guttering - internal corners£1.00
HCG028Click for photoDrainpipe, Round£1.45
HCG029Click for photoDrainpipe, Square£1.50
HCG032Click for photoDrainpipe, Round£1.35
HCG033Click for photoDrainpipe, Round£1.25
HCG034Click for photoDrainpipe, Round£1.00
HCG035Click for photoDrainpipe, Round£0.60
HCGC037Click for photoDrainpipe, Round£1.50
HCW001Click for photoSash Window£1.00
HCW002Click for photoSash Window£1.00
HCW003Click for photoSash Window£1.00
HCW004Click for photoSash Window£1.00
HCW005Click for photo8 Pane Sash Window£1.00
HCW006Click for photo8 Pane Sash Window£1.00
HCW007Click for photo8 Pane Sash Window£1.00
HCW008Click for photo8 Pane Sash Window£1.00
HCW009Click for photo6 Pane Window£1.00
HCW010Click for photo6 Pane Window£1.00
HCW011Click for photoSash Window£1.00
HCW012Click for photo4 Pane Window£1.00
HCW013Click for photo6 Pane Round Top Window£1.00
HCW014Click for photo8 Pane Round Top Window£1.00
HCW015Click for photo32 Pane Round Top Window£1.20
HCW016Click for photo6 Pane Round Top Window with Stonework Facing£1.20
HCW017Click for photo6 Pane Round Top Window£1.00
HCW018Click for photo24 Pane Round Top Window£1.10
HCW019Click for photo8 Pane Half Window£0.80
HCW020Click for photo2 Pane Half Round Window£0.80
HCW021Click for photo16 Pane Window£1.00
HCW022Click for photo3 Pane Skylight Window£0.80
HCW023Click for photo2 Pane Window£0.70
HCW024Click for photoSingle 2+4 Pane Window£1.00
HCW025Click for photoTriple 2+4 Pane Window£2.50
HCW026Click for photoDouble 2+4 Pane Window£1.50
HCW027Click for photoDouble 4 Pane Window£1.00
HCW028Click for photo6 Pane Window£0.80
HCW029Click for photoSash Window£0.80
HCW030Click for photo6 Pane Window with Bow Top£0.70
HCW031Click for photo4 Pane Window£0.70
HCW032Click for photo6 Pane Window£0.70
HCW033Click for photo24 Pane Window£1.50
HCW034Click for photo6 Pane Window£1.00
HCW035Click for photo18 Pane Window with Bow Top£1.50
HCW036Click for photo20 Pane Window£1.00
HCW037Click for photo24 Pane Window£1.00
HCW038Click for photo28 Pane Window£1.00
HCW039Click for photo32 Pane Window£1.00
HCW040Click for photo12 Pane Window£0.90
HCW050Click for photo27 Pane Window with Arch Top£1.20
HCW047Click for photo8 Pane Window with Arch Top£1.00
HCW049Click for photo12 Pane Window with Arch Top£1.00
HCW048Click for photo8 Pane Window with Arch Top£1.00
HCW041Click for photo8 Pane Round Top Window£0.90
HCW045Click for photo24 Pane Industrial Window with Bow Top£1.00
HCW046Click for photo28 Pane Industrial Window with Bow Top£1.00
HCW051Click for photo12 Pane Sash Window£1.00
HCW052Click for photoDouble 2 Pane Sash Window£1.50
HCW053Click for photoSingle 2 Pane Sash Window£1.30
HCW055Click for photo18 Pane Arch Top Window£1.20
HCW056Click for photo2 Pane Sash Window£1.00
HCW059Click for photoDouble 2 Pane Window with Stone Surround£1.40
HCW060Click for photo4 Pane Window with Stone Surround£1.20
HCW057Click for photo9 Pane Window£1.00
HCW054Click for photo30 Pane Round Top Window£1.20
HCW058Click for photo36 Pane Bow Top Industrial Window£1.00
HCW061Click for photo30 Pane Engine Shed Window£1.20
HCW062Click for photo12 Pane Window£1.20
HCD001Click for photoRound-top Panelled Door with Stone Facing£2.00
HCD002Click for photoRound-top Panelled Door£1.90
HCD003Click for photoPanelled Door with Fanlight£1.80
HCD004Click for photoPanelled Double Door with Fanlight£1.80
HCD005Click for photoPanelled Door with Fanlight£1.70
HCD006Click for photoPanelled Door£1.60
HCD007Click for photoPlanked Door£1.30
HCD008Click for photoPanelled Door£1.20
HCD009Click for photoPanelled Door£1.60
HCD010Click for photoPlanked Engine Shed Style Door RH Half Round Top£2.50
HCD011Click for photoPlanked Engine Shed Style Door LH Half Round Top£2.50
HCD012Click for photoDouble Door Top Half Glazed£1.70
HCD013Click for photoPanelled Door£1.60
HCD014Click for photoPlanked Door (double sided) (RH)£2.50
HCD015Click for photoPlanked Door (double sided) (LH)£2.50
HCD016Click for photoPlanked Door with Double Window£1.70
HCD017Click for photo4 Pane Half Glazed Door£1.30
HCD018Click for photo4 Pane Half Glazed Door£2.00
HCD019Click for photoPlanked Door with moulded-on Hinge£1.30
HCD020Click for photoGarage/Goods Shed Sliding Door£1.70
HCD021Click for photoRound-top Double Door£2.00
HCD022Click for photoStore/Warehouse Door (LH)£1.70
HCD023Click for photoStore/Warehouse Door (RH) with Access Door£1.70
HCD024Click for photoSmall Store/Warehouse Door (LH)£1.40
HCD027Click for photoNarrow Gauge Engine Shed Doors - pair£4.00
HCD028Click for photoEngine Shed Door L/H£2.70
HCD029Click for photoEngine Shed Door R/H£2.70
HCD030Click for photoIndustrial Panelled Shed Door Half Round Top L/H£2.70
HCD031Click for photoIndustrial Panelled Shed Door Half Round Top R/H£2.70
HCD032Click for photoEngine Shed Door Half Round Top L/H£3.00
HCD033Click for photoEngine Shed Door Half Round Top R/H£3.00
HCD034Click for photoLarge Single Sliding Plank Door£3.40
HCD037Click for photoEngine Shed Door L/H£2.80
HCD038Click for photoEngine Shed Door R/H£2.80
HCD035Click for photoIndustrial Door with Inverted Half Round Top (LH)£2.50
HCD036Click for photoIndustrial Door with Inverted Half Round Top (RH)£2.50
HCD025Click for photoPlanked Door with 6 Pane Window£2.00
HCD026Click for photoSingle Sliding Planked Door with 8 Pane Window£2.30
HCD039Click for photoEngine Shed Door Half Round Top L/H£2.80
HCD040Click for photoEngine Shed Door Half Round Top R/H£2.80
HCBA040 Modular Brick Wall - Section with Square Window£5.00
HCBA045 Modular Wall - Rear Gable Section£10.00
HCBA046 Modular Wall - Section with Round Window£5.00
HCBA047 Modular Wall - Left Hand Office Side£4.75
HCBA048 Modular Wall - Office Rear£4.25
HCBA049 Modular Wall - Right Hand Office Side£4.75
HCBA050 Office Roof Panel - Tiled£3.50
HCBA051 Brick Wall Panel Joining Strips£1.30

Detailing Accessories:Building Accessories
Code TitleCost 
HCBA001Click for photoFence Panels£2.00
HCBA002 Coal Bunker - Large£3.00
HCBA003Click for photoCoal Bunker - Small£2.50
HCBA004Click for photoLarge Station Canopy£15.00
HCBA005Click for photoSmall Station Canopy£13.00
HCBA006Click for photoCanopy End Valance£1.70
HCBA007Click for photoCanopy Valance - Straight£1.80
HCBA012Click for photoWall Mounted Telephone Box£1.90
HCBA013Click for photoWall Mounted Nesting Box£0.80
HCBA014Click for photoCanopy Bracket, Ornate style£2.20
HCBA015Click for photoCanopy Bracket£1.80
HCBA016Click for photoCanopy Bracket£1.80
HCBA017Click for photoEngine Shed Roof Louvres Set£12.00
HCBA018Click for photoVehicle Weighbridge Plate£9.00
HCBA019Click for photoWagon Weighbridge Plate£9.00
HCBA023Click for photoBell Telephone£1.00
HCBA024Click for photoSignal Levers & Frame£6.00
HCBA026Click for photoSignal Box Telegraph Equipment£5.00
HCBA027Click for photoRoof Panel - Tiles£9.00
HCBA028Click for photoRoof Finials£0.80
HCBA029Click for photoRound Goods Shed Vents£2.00
HCBA030Click for photoBuilding Side Steps - Stone£3.30
HCBA031Click for photoDetailed Rear Signal Box Wall A£8.00
HCBA032Click for photoDetailed Rear Signal Box Wall B£8.00
HCBA033Click for photoSignal Box Frame, 2 Levers & L/Crossing Wheel£2.70
HCBA034Click for photoDetailed Rear Signal Box Wall C£10.00
HCBA035 Door Hinges£1.00
HCBA036Click for photoRoof Vents, Round£1.00
HCBA037Click for photoBuilding Side Steps - Brick with Handrail£5.00
HCBA038Click for photoFront Brick Steps with Handrail£3.50
HCBA039 Roof Panel - Tiles£7.50
HCBA042Click for photoGarage Forecourt Equipment Kit£13.00
HCBA043 Narrow Gauge Engine Shed Roof Louvres Set£10.00
HCMA016 Pub Signpost - Type B£3.00
HCF013 Stair Set - Long£3.50
HCF014 Stair Set - Short£2.50
HCF024 Office Back Panel "A"£5.00
HCF025 Office Back Panel "B"£5.00
HCF027Click for photoSmall Stair£1.00
HCMA015 Pub Signpost - Type A£3.00
HCGC036Click for photoEngine Shed Roof Smoke Vents£5.00
HCBA052Click for photoStone Quoin Overlays£2.80
HCBA053Click for photoTimber Platform Legs/Supports£2.00
HCBA059Click for photoBrick Wall with Capping£6.50
HCBA060Click for photoBrick Wall with Short Corner with Capping£7.00
HCBA061Click for photoBrick Wall Buttress£1.10
HCBA015AClick for photoCanopy Bracket (Angled)£1.80
HCMA001 Luggage Scales£2.30
HCMA002 Labelling & Ticketing Machines£2.50
HCMA003 Stove - free standing£2.00
HCMA004 Coal Scuttle and Pail£0.90
HCMA005 Grinding Wheel£2.20
HCMA006 Oil Drum and Stand£2.20
HCMA007 Set of 3 Oil Drums£2.30
HCMA008 Scales£2.00
HCMA009 Coal Bags£3.00
HCMA010Click for photoLocking Bar - Siding£1.30
HCMA011 Gradient Posts£2.00
HCMA012 Signposts and Bus Stop£2.00
HCMA013 Piles of Sleepers£2.50
HCMA014 Sleeper Pile Various£2.50
HCBA009Click for photoPacking Case£2.50
HCBA008Click for photoPacking Case£3.00
HCMA019 Pile of suitcases£2.70
HCMA020 Pile of suitcases£2.70
HCMA021 Pile of suitcases£1.40
HCMA022 Suitcase - Small, Square£0.80
HCMA023 Suitcase - Large, Square£0.80
HCMA024 Trunk - Small£0.80
HCMA025 Trunk - Large£0.90
HCMA026 Trunk - Extra Large x 2£1.80
HCMA027 Luggage Pack£2.80
HCMA028 Stack of Boxes£2.40
HCMA029 Boxes£1.20
HCMA030 Punishment Stocks£7.00
HCMA031 Station Gas Lamps£2.20
HCMA032 Bill Board - Large£9.00
HCMA033 Bill Board - Small£7.00
HCMA034 Bill Posters 1900-1918£1.80
HCMA035 Bill Posters 1918-1935£1.80
HCMA036 Bill Posters 1935-1950£1.80
HCMA037 Bill Posters 1950-1960£1.80
HCMA038 Bill Posters 1960-1970£1.80
HCMA039 Bill Posters 1970-1980£1.80
HCMA040 Milk Churns, Conical£2.50
HCMA041 Milk Churns, Cylindrical£2.50
HCMA042 Dustbins£1.80
HCMA043Click for photoChocolate Machines - Large & Small£2.60
HCMA045 Station Nameboards(2)£2.40
HCMA046 Rustic Fencing£3.00
HCMA047 Retaining Wall of Sleepers£3.00
HCMA048 Retaining Wall of Sleepers£2.00
HCMA049 Trolley - Sack/Luggage£3.00
HCMA050 Trackside Notice Boards£2.00
HCMA051 Catchpoint and Whistle Notices£2.00
HCMA052 Lineside Relay Boxes£4.00
HCMA054 Platform First Aid Box£2.80
HCMA056 Crane Bucket£2.00
HCMA057 Six-sided Pillar Box£2.20
HCMA058 Platform Weighing Machine£2.20
HCF020 Small Post Box on Post£1.90
HCBA010Click for photoPacking Case£2.25
HCBA011Click for photoPacking Case£2.00
HCBA020 Ballast Bin, Concrete Type£2.75
HCBA021Click for photoBallast Bin, Wooden Type£2.75
HCBA022Click for photoCrane - Hand Operated£10.00
HCMA059 Empty Fish Boxes£2.50
HCMA060Click for photoRound Pillar Box£2.50
HCF001 Large Desk£3.00
HCF002 Single Cabinet£2.20
HCF003 Upright Desk£2.00
HCF004 Slim Cabinet£2.00
HCF005 Pile of Books£0.90
HCF006 Desk & Letter Boxes (Pidgeon Holes)£4.50
HCF007 Letter Rack£2.00
HCF008 Desk£2.50
HCF009 Electric Box / Cabinet£2.00
HCF010 Bench Seat - Small£1.50
HCF011Click for photoTool Cupboard - Upright£2.00
HCF012Click for photoWorkbench - Large£3.00
HCF015 Dining Chairs£1.50
HCF016 Round Table£1.00
HCF017 Armchair£1.90
HCF018 Stool£1.00
HCF019 Wooden Bench-seat£1.20
HCF021 Clipboards£1.30
HCF022 Notice Boards£1.30
HCF023 Single Shelves£1.30
HCF026 Wall Clock£1.00
HCPR001M GWR Timetable / Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR001S GWR Timetable / Poster Board - Small£0.75
HCPR002M SR Timetable / Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR002S SR Timetable / Poster Board - Small£0.75
HCPR003M LNER Timetable / Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR003S LNER Timetable / Poster Board - Small£0.75
HCPR004M LMS Timetable / Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR004S LMS Timetable / Poster Board - Small£0.75
HCPR005M MR Timetable / Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR005S MR Timetable / Poster Board - Small£0.75
HCPR006M HR Timetable / Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR006S HR Timetable / Poster Board - Small£0.75
HCPR007M BR Timetable/Poster Board - Medium£1.00
HCPR007S BR Timetable/Poster Board - Small£0.75

Assembled & Painted Items:Accessories
Code TitleCost 
7A501M 2 Wheel Porters Sack Barrow£6.50
7A501G 2 Wheel Porters Sack Barrow£6.50
7A501BClick for photo2 Wheel Porters Sack Barrow£6.50
7A504Click for photoPlatform Name Stamping Machine£3.50
7A505Click for photoPlatform Weighing Machine£4.50
7A506Click for photoPlatform Chocolate Machine£3.50
7A508Click for photoSmall Pillar Box - Post Mounted£3.50
7A510Click for photoRound Pillar Box£6.50
7A511M Plain Style Platform Seat£6.50
7A511G Plain Style Platform Seat£6.50
7A511BClick for photoPlain Style Platform Seat£6.50
7A516Click for photoLarge Chocolate Machine£3.50
7A524 Packing Cases£5.50
7A525 Crates£5.50
7A527Click for photoPlatform Ticket Machine£3.50

Code TitleCost 
7P001 Station Staff (4)£9.25
7P002 Porter with 4-wheel trolley and newspaper bundle£12.00
7P003 Permanent Way Gang (4)£9.25
7P004 Seated Passengers (5)£11.50
7P005 Standing Passengers (5)£11.50
HPFF1Click for photoWhitby fisherman about 1890£3.50
HPFF2Click for photoWhitby fisherman about 1890£3.50
HPFF3Click for photoWhitby fishwife about 1890£3.50
HPFF4Click for photoFishergirl with basket, 1890£3.50
HPFF5Click for photoSeated Whitby fisherman£3.50

Graphics Sheets:Posterboards (XL/L)
Code TitleCost 
HCPL001 G.W.R.£1.80
HCPL003 North British£1.80
HCPL004 Highland Railway£1.80
HCPL005 B.R.£1.80
HCPL006 Midland Railway£1.80
HCPL007 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway£1.80
HCPL008 Caledonian Railway£1.80
HCPL009 L.N.E.R.£1.80
HCPL010 L.N.W.R.£1.80
HCPL011 Southern Railway£1.80
HCPL012 L.M.S.£1.80
HCPS001 G.W.R.£1.80
HCPS003 North British£1.80
HCPS004 Highland Railway£1.80
HCPS005 B.R.£1.80
HCPS006 Midland Railway£1.80
HCPS007 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway£1.80
HCPS008 Caledonian Railway£1.80
HCPS009 L.N.E.R.£1.80
HCPS010 L.N.W.R.£1.80
HCPS011 Southern Railway£1.80
HCPS012 L.M.S.£1.80
HCPA001 G.W.R.£1.30
HCPA003 North British£1.30
HCPA004 Highland Railway£1.30
HCPA005 B.R. Scotland£1.30
HCPA007 Midland Railway£1.30
HCPA008 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway£1.30
HCPA009 Caledonian Railway£1.30
HCPA010 L.N.E.R.£1.30
HCPA011 L.N.W.R.£1.30
HCPA012 Southern Railway£1.30
HCPA013 L.M.S.£1.30
HCPA006 B.R. England£1.30
HCPN001 1890 - 1930 newspaper headlines£1.80
HCPN002 1931 - 1947 newspaper headlines£1.80
HCPN003 1947 - 1970 newspaper headlines£1.80
HCPN004 1970 - 2000 newspaper headlines£1.80
HCPT001 Timetables - various sizes£1.30
HCGA001 Garage Signs - various£1.90
HCMA017 Pub Sign Posters£1.80
HCMA018 Pub Sign Posters£1.80
Loco and Stock Detailing:Other details
Code TitleCost 
HPLT9Click for photoLoco Drivers Cab Seat£3.50

Rolling Stock Kits:Wagons
Code TitleCost 
OW11Click for photoNBR Shunters Truck£25.00
OW01Click for photoHighland Railway Drummond Cattle Wagon£29.50
OW03Click for photoCaledonian Railway Cattle Wagon£29.50
OW02Click for photoHighland Railway Drummond Double Deck Sheep Wagon£29.50
OW04Click for photoNorth British Railway Cattle Wagon£29.50
OW06Click for photoHighland Railway Timber Wagon£29.50
OW07Click for photoNorth British 6 Ton Dumb Buffered Coal Wagon£25.00
OW08Click for photoNorth British 8 Ton Dumb Buffered Pig Iron Wagon£25.00
OW09Click for photoNorth British 8 Ton Pig Iron Wagon£29.50
OW10Click for photoCaledonian 7Ton Dumb Buffered Coal Wagon£25.00
OW12Click for photoHighland Railway Twin Single Bolster Timber Wagons£60.00

Animals & Birds:Unpainted
Code TitleCost 
HA1Click for photoCow Grazing£5.50
HA2Click for photoCow Mooing£5.50
HA3Click for photoCow Turning Head£5.50
Axleguards:Wagon Axleguards
Code TitleCost 
HCOA18Click for photoCR Oil Box - Steel Underframe£5.00
HCOA15Click for photoCR Outside 'W' Iron(Vertical Ends)£5.00
HCOA01Click for photoCR Standard Greasebox, 9 Leaf Spring£5.00
HCOA02Click for photoNBR Standard Greasebox, 3ft 4in Spring£5.00
HCOA03Click for photoNBR Standard Greasebox, 4ft Spring£5.00
HCOA04Click for photoCR Brake & Road Van - J Hanger£5.00
HCOA07Click for photoCR 6-Wheel Brake Van£7.50
HCOA10Click for photoG&SWR Square Oil Box£5.00
HCOA11Click for photoG&SWR Brake Van£5.00
HCOA13Click for photoGNoSR Standard Wagon£5.00
HCOA14Click for photoNBR Brake Van Grease Box£5.00
HCOA19Click for photoCR Oil Box - Van Type£5.00
HCOA23Click for photoHR Standard Grease Box£5.00
HCOA24Click for photoPrivate Owner Grease Box£5.00
HCOA26 G&SWR Standard Grease Box£5.00
HCOA08Click for photoCR Outside 'W' Iron Axleguard£5.00
HCOA12Click for photoGNoSR for 3ft 7in Wheels£5.00
HCOA09Click for photoCR Oil Box Standard Van Wood Underframe£5.00
HCOA20 CR 4-Wheel Brake Van£5.00
HCOA22Click for photoRCH Wagon - Oil Box£5.00
HCOA25Click for photoHR Standard Grease Box - 9 Leaf Spring£5.00
HCOA16Click for photoNBR Van Grease Box£5.00

 Highland Castings items